Reviews: Sy C. I love going to this place. I just wish they'd update the hours here. I think they're closed on Mondays . I try to go here sometimes on Mondays I'm off & they're closed. Really good food. A piece of home . I love the fish here, and also their doubles are pretty tasty. Kathryn L. We had a catering order & all 8 of us were not satisfied. Regardless of the different orders they all looked the same, saturated in a Curry like sauce that was not remotely close to an island Gravy..

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant



Sy C.

I love going to this place. I just wish they'd update the hours here. I think they're closed on Mondays . I try to go here sometimes on Mondays I'm off & they're closed. Really good food. A piece of home . I love the fish here, and also their doubles are pretty tasty.


Kathryn L.

We had a catering order & all 8 of us were not satisfied. Regardless of the different orders they all looked the same, saturated in a Curry like sauce that was not remotely close to an island Gravy. Me & two other Vegans were pretty interested before-hand as the menu displayed a variety of plant based entrees. Again, different orders prepared & tasted the same. Another issue - 5 items that were ordered was not available at pick up. One of my co-workers who makes Oxtails in her sleep was adamant she was eating something far from the cattle norm, perhaps Goat she thought. I stayed in my Vegan lane & allowed others to share that was slightly interesting.Nonetheless, although we were appreciative for the luncheon as a collective, we did not enjoy the food. I can't say for sure if I would make the effort to visit in house.


Kristin A.

Ok, so I cheated. I've never gone here physically, can't even really picture where it's located, but I ordered through Postmates. Sidebar: Quick shout-out to Postmates. One of the items I wanted, the Curry Green Beans, wasn't available so the driver texted me to ask if I wanted a replacement or a refund. I definitely feel like that should've communicated from the restaurant and not him but I'm glad it happened either way. I ordered the jerk chicken with cabbage, rice & beans (and requested gravy on the rice & beans), replaced the order of green beans with lentils, and coco bread. Either they don't make gravy or they just forgot because there was none on the rice & beans. I wish they had added something to them. The flavor was there, slightly, but they were a bit dry and I could probably count the beans in the vat of rice. This made me appreciate the last minute change to the lentils. They were well seasoned and cooked and, simply, yummy. My favorite item was the coco bread. Not that everything else was bad, the bread was just that amazing. So much so, I didn't get a pic because I immediately started eating it. The chicken was good, plentiful, and I'd get it again. The cabbage was ok - not amazing, not bad either. Overall, it definitely did the trick and with the portions given, I was able to have 3.5 meals out of this one. Writing this review is actually making me consider placing an order right now.


Alexis T.

Wow. This was the worst meal I've had in a long time. Literally just got my uber eats order. I ordered goat bussupshut, I received three tough boney oxtails and flavorless potato and Chana curry. I'm glad Uber is refunding me for this meal. I ordered a patty, hoping this could be a snack while I waited to order dinner(wasn't going to waste calories finishing the "curry goat"), it was dry and flavorless. I haven't gotten to the sorrel yet, I'm afraid to try.


Rizma W.

What is the point of offering your cuisine on apps such as Yelp/Eat 24 and UberEats if you're NOT going to check your orders? I placed an order using the Yelp app about 30 minutes before arriving at the restaurant. I traveled in the pouring rain expecting to get some good Caribbean food. What did I get instead? Attitude. And lots of it. My friend and I walked in and it was a good 5 minutes before anyone even said anything to us. Oh, they saw us. Looked us right in the face, and kept right on with their personal conversation. Mind you, there were only two other patrons in the restaurant and they were seated and eating... so the joint was far from busy. Eventually the guy said he would be right with us. It was another 5 minutes before he asked us what we needed.I told him that I had placed an order for pick up on Yelp. He replied, "Yelp? We don't use no Yelp. Who uses Yelp?" (Umm... a lot of us, apparently). Then he mumbled something about them using Eat24. I showed him my confirmation email, and asked him to check on the status of my order. He checks an iPad behind the counter, with my order waiting on it, and says "Oh, we never confirmed it." No problem, mistakes happen. So I asked him about how long it'll take to fulfill my order. He then starts giving me a list of food items they've run out of... it ended up being practically half of my order. Moreover, his impatient and rude tone of voice made me feel like he had other things he'd rather be doing than getting money for his business. Fed up with the negligence and flat out rudeness, I asked him to cancel my order. He flippantly replies, "I can't cancel nothing if we ain't confirm it." I reply, telling him to do what he needed to do to ensure that my card wasn't charged, since we never received our food. It seemed like what I asked went in one ear and out the other, so I left and immediately called my credit card company to block the transaction. I also called Eat24 but no one responded. Eventually I filed a complaint online with Eat24. I don't know what will come of it, but I do know this... I will NEVER  patronize that establishment again.


Steve R.

Since I was on this side of town, I stopped by here on a Sunday for carryout dinner.  The seating is limited to a few tables. Street parking was easy.I ordered oxtail with side of peas & rice and mac & cheese, and jerk chicken with same two sides.  The food was good; service was prompt. I would give it a 3.5 overall.


CeeJay H.

Roti skin was decent. Curry chicken with the chana and potatoes was flavorless...lacked spice and super watery. I have failed numerous times in my quest for a "decent" roti shop.


Kei K.

I ordered a large oxtail with callaloo and steam vegetables. The oxtails were very tender but lacked flavor. The callaloo was extremely over cooked and mushy and also lacked flavor. The steam vegetables were good. The reason why I'm giving them 1 star, despite the lack of flavor, is because of the cost. The menu stated the oxtails were but I was charged . The lady directly behind me also ordered oxtail and the older lady stated they would be ready in 5 minutes. While I'm waiting for the Dread to figure out how to change the receipt paper the older lady said charge the other customer for her wait. What?! The other customer LITERALLY was seated and eating before I was able to pay and get a receipt. Smdh


Gisell G.

Amazing vegan options. Will be back forsure. My son loved the vegan mac. I loved the customer service. The food is seriously so delicious.


Jae L.

Nope. Nope. And Nope. After spending the day at the Museums in DC we decided to check out this restaurant after reading all of the great reviews.Uhhh, did we pass the "real" restaurant because what we walked into was nothing like the Yelp reviews.When we walked in, our noses were immediately welcomed with a strange smell. The kitchen was a complete MESS!! The food displayed looked dried out and old!After spending about 45 seconds inside, we knew this was NOT a place we wanted to eat from.There are better restaurants around because this wasn't it!


Mairi E.

Important!! DO NOT ORDER THROUGH YELP, BECAUSE THEY DON'T USE YELP! I placed an order and they told me they  didn't confirm my order, I told them my card had already been charged ... told me to contact Yelp. Had to pay again and prices were higher than menu prices listed. Did get my money back through yelp later for my first order. The good part is their food is bomb!.( I hope people still use that word) Try their tofu,  it's what I get everytime now. U wont believe the taste.


Isis P.

The young man working there is terribly rude!!! The food is mediocre so no way I'm going back there to get unnecessary attitude and slow service!!!!


Derwyn R.

Sunrise Caribbean stands out from the surrounding businesses with its yellow painted storefront. That was the first thing we noticed. After Sunrise was open we went straight to the food! The service was top level. We had a perfect trini breakfast/Sunday meal. Bake & Salt fish, pelau, aloo pie, chicken, etc etcNote: This was for a special brunch event so I'm not sure if the menu items are the same during regular hours.


Stefanie Y.

Walking into the cozy, sunshine-yellow interior of Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant, I knew I was in for a good meal. The restaurant has only 3 or 4 tables, and the food is served cafeteria-style, with coolers on the side full of drink and dessert options. After a quick glance over the menu, I settled on the jerk chicken with sides of mac & cheese and fried plantains (). The person who took our order was, as others have mentioned, on the sassy side, but a nice guy. Even though they were out of plantains, he told us if we waited a couple minutes, they could fry some up for us. The jerk chicken was slightly charred, slightly spiced, and had some heat - an alluring flavor combination. The fried plantains were so good! Totally worth the wait. My friends, who are vegan and vegetarian, ordered the vegan stir fry and curry chik'n with sides of fried plantains and collard greens and really enjoyed their dishes.I also grabbed a slice of cake, which came out to or so. The cake tasted and looked very, very similar to the Costco red velvet cake, which costs for the whole cake. (I do like Costco cakes though, so I enjoyed the slice, even after realizing it was not homemade.)The staff were friendly, and we left saying we'd definitely have to come back again some time. Sunrise Caribbean may be a trek up from DC city center, but it's worth the trip for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking for a well-priced, filling, soul-satisfying meal.


Wilson B.

I never realized this place existed and upon learning that they had Doubles.  I had to visit.So one Sat. around lunch time, I came by for Doubles but found Sunrise to not be shining.  It was closed.  I shrugged it off, because things happen and Crown Bakery is a block away.  It was another Sat. in which I finally was able to try Sunrise's Doubles.   It was kind of crowded and I was worried they wouldn't have any because it was a crowded Sat. evening and they did.  The Doubles were really good.  Much better than the place in Langley Park.  So good I wanted more, right then and there but I was at home.  Reading more of the menu and seeing the vegetarian and vegan options I had plans to make this my spot.Fast forward a couple of weeks, I come by on a rainy Friday at around noon for Doubles and they don't have any.  That is really all they had to do.  I was more than disappointed that they didn't have their "bread and butter."  I understand if it was a Monday-Thursday thing but this was a Friday for lunch.  No vale.Instead of going to Crown Bakery like I should have done in the first place, I ordered Stew Chicken with Cabbage and Rice and Peas with a Sorrel.  The Sorrel was amazing.  I would love to get a couple of Doubles and one of their Sorrels.  The Stew Chicken could have shut me up about the Doubles but it didn't.  It was pretty average.  My lunch with 3 sides was pricey and the portions were good but the taste was only aight.  The sorrel was great but it's too hard to get Doubles here.


Jando S.

I've been a fan since their original location (#1) in the food court at Station. They've been good for so long that I give props where it's due.[TBC]____________(#1)…


Bre Y.

My new favorite Caribbean place in the area, hands down! If you're looking for authentic, huge portions and quality's the spot! I love their homemade fruit punch (I went home and mixed it with Gin...yummm), King Fish, Cabbage, and Mac & Cheese (includes veggies in it and its baked to perfection , cheesy goodness)


Heather T.

What a wonderful discovery!!! We had the oxtails and curry goat with macaroni pie and callalloo. It was delicious, well seasoned with a flavor of Trinidad and Tobago. I will be back.


Christina G.

Love this spot and the fact that they offer vegan options.  The owner is what I would call a sassy man, but I wouldn't qualify that as unfriendly as others were saying. He is in fact very friendly, he just has that matter-of-fact Caribbean attitude.  Now to the food.Coco bread (vegan)- bomb!Vegan jerk- delicious/spicyGreens- yummyMac and cheese- A+Those are my favorites, haven't branched out further than that, but when I do I'll update.


Sherley C.

This place be charging their customers whatever they feel like it. I called on a Friday night around 7:30pm and they told me the cost of a small fish was ... called in for the order around 8:30ish when I was ready to pick it up and the lady told me the small fish was ?! I feel as if they just charge people whatever they feel like because every time I order from this place the price is always changing, and I used to order there atleast 4-5x a month... when I went in I asked the lady for a menu and the highest fish price was . oh, another time I ordered food there, I was told that there's a 5% fee because I'm paying with a debit card?!?! Ridiculous.